Bio Wash

BIOWASH is an all-natural topical wash that stops and prevents fungal and bacterial topical diseases, is non-allergenic, and keeps horses coats in top show condition.

Bio Gel

BIOGEL is a unique compound of all natural organic herbs and minerals that’s proven to speed healing of wounds, reduce inflammation and scarring, and kill bacteria

Bio Optic

BIOOPTIC is for treatment of acute or chronic eye irritation in animals associated with bacteria or yeast infections susceptible to polyherbal treatment

ProLine Foamer

Built to last! Unrivaled durability and performance. The ProLine Foamer delivers an excellent foam stream up to 9 feet. Comes with a series of metering tips to adapt the unit to your water pressure. The hand trigger has 5 different spray patterns just by squeezing the trigger for ideal soaking and rinsing.

Under Development

SCOUR STOPPER An Organic Digestive Aid Supplement No drugs, No Needles, No Stress Scour Stopper is an oral digestive aid supplement that uses a proprietary herbal blend scientifically formulated to help in the prevention and control of scours and other digestive upsets such as shipping fever. Scour Stopper is recommended to help support proper G. I. tract function and to assist animals through periods of stress. Recommended for use as part of a structured calf management program. Most animals respond to treatment within 24 hours making Scour Stopper an immediate care product. Scour Stopper, a proprietary organic polyherbal digestive aid derived from a blend of vegetable sources that helps to stabilize the digestive tract and reduce unwanted bacteria. Scour Stopper can be used for the prevention and treatment of digestive upsets caused by complicating bacterial and fungal organisms susceptible to polyherbal control such as gram-postive, gram-negative and encapsulated forms of bacteria.

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